Emergency Response

When you call our 24-hour hot-line (417) 649-1269 you'll be connected to an experienced emergency response manager who will gather the necessary and pertinent information regarding the incident and get the appropriate staff and equipment mobilized as soon as possible. C1 has a significant staff of 40 hour Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER) trained technicians and equipment operators available for these responses.


Not only do we have reliable staff, but we also have the necessary equipment—vacuum trucks to earth movers, dump trucks to cranes—giving us the capabilities to deliver the level of service you deserve and require in an emergency. Unlike many other environmental consultants, C1 began with excavation and construction work . . . We own our equipment, allowing us to mobilize rapidly! This is a huge advantage we have, setting us apart from other companies in our industry.


C1 was called to respond to a release of hot sauce from two tanker cars in a rail-yard in Missouri.

The pepper sauce in these two cars had not completed the fermentation process, which resulted in the build-up of pressure and caused the material to be released from pressure valves on top of the cars. One of the tanker cars released material covering an area 30 feet by 100 feet and approximately 4 inches deep. The release from the second car was limited to the top of that car.

To relieve the pressure in these tank cars and prevent additional release of pepper sauce, we removed approximately 800 gallons from each tank car via their bottom outlet valves and three-inch cam locks using a vacuum truck.  This material was off-loaded onto roll-off containers and solidified with oil dry.  The product released to the ground and the impacted railroad ballast was removed with shovels and a truck-mounted Guzzler.

This material was placed into a temporary berm where it was solidified and then placed in roll-off containers. Accumulated product was scraped from the tank cars and the railroad track and ties impacted by the pepper sauce release was power washed to remove the remaining residue.

Approximately 14 tons of solidified material and ballast was properly disposed as a result of this release.


C1 responded to a multi-car train derailment in Sleeper, Missouri for a Class 1 North American Railroad.

Initially, we were tasked with environmental assessment of the spilled freight and removal of diesel fuel from the derailed locomotives. Our personnel also assisted in the removal of spilled freight and debris, management of storm water and erosion control. Silt fence, erosion control blankets and rock check dams were utilized to mitigate erosion of embankments and adjacent staging areas.

Following the cleanup and scrap removal activities we utilized heavy equipment to redress the right-of-way access roads, equipment staging areas and adjacent third-party property.





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